Nonprofit New York

Rebranding and name change

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC) is a nonprofit membership organization with nearly 1,700 members. The organization understood that they needed to refresh their brand, make it more accessible, and fully communicate the scope and depth of their work.

And let's face it, the name "Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York," lacks a bit zeal, don't you think?

Working in partnership, Antarctic and Leading Good developed a full new brand identity, including renaming, messaging architecture and visual identity. The new name of the organization, Nonprofit New York, kept continuity with the legacy brand, while adding compelling messaging through its tagline “A Relentless, Collective Force for Good.” And the new brand comes to life through a bold, inspiring visual identity.

  • Naming
  • Rebranding
  • Visual Design
  • Messaging
  • Web Design
  • General Design Suite (Adobe, etc.)
NPNY Mockup 1

Our Approach

The key to a successful rebrand and rename of any large organization is aligning stakeholders upfront with clearly outlined goals that can help guide decision making throughout the creative process.

Our team took a step-by-step approach to the creative process, first by focusing on naming options and then by presenting creative branding (messaging and visual) options. Overall, the process took 8 months and included more then 25 stakeholders.

NPNY Mockup 2

The Product

After several months of exploring completely different approaches and concepts we landed on visual identity, which is straightforward and modular. Our goal was to create a brand identity which is able to embrace the wideness of this umbrella organization but speaks about the its uniqueness as well. Nonprofit New York now uses bold colors, strong typography and powerful messaging which tells the story of the organization and passionate people behind it.

NPNY Mockup 3
NPNY Mockup 4
NPNY Mockup 5
NPNY Mockup 6

The Result

Nonprofit New York is a powerful name that immediately takes ownership of their role in the New York nonprofit landscape by sharing resources, advocating to state and city legislators, and coordinating group buying opportunities. The new visual direction and messaging of Nonprofit New York is bold and creative, which reflects the passion of the team behind the organization.

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