Modo Yoga

Modo Yoga International Name Change

Modo Yoga, began in 2004 by Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson, came to us with a communication problem, not only were they changing their name in the United States due to a pending legal dispute, they were also establishing a formal franchise agreement within their 75 independently owned yoga studios spread across North America. Each studio had a different look and feel and the group lacked an overall clear, cohesive message.

The Antarctic team lead a full messaging, creative and brand refresh over a 12 month period, culminating in a presentation and rollout at the Modo Yoga Annual Retreat in Toronto, Canada.

Modo Yoga
  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Visual Communication
  • Leadership Change Management
  • General Design Suite (Adobe, etc.)
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“"Michael Yuasa and his team from Antarctic brought our community together."”

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