Why We Love WP Engine for WordPress Hosting

By Michael Yuasa, Creative Director @ Antarctic

Disclosure: We receive a small commission for anyone who signs up for wp-engine using the link below. We only promote products we’re stoked about.

It’s important to get your website hosting right.

We’ve built WordPress sites for companies (nonprofit and for-profit alike) since starting Antarctic in 2012. We’ve tried various different hosting plans and migrated sites from nearly all of the market-leading hosting companies.

After detailed and extensive testing, we’re 100% sold on WP-engine as the best hosting option for clients with monthly visitors under 100,000 per month.

Oftentimes server hosting is totally foreign to our clients and becomes a focus only after an (inevitable) issue arises. Recently, a non-profit reached out to us for help after their site crashed on Giving Tuesday from an influx of site traffic. Luckily, we got the site back up.

Obviously, we want to avoid this happening. An influx of traffic should always be a good thing.

What we’ve found is that most hosting plans are either too basic, thereby not allowing for enough functionality, or far too complicated, leaving customers scratching their heads.

What we’ve found is that most hosting plans are either too basic, thereby not allowing for enough functionality, or far too complicated, leaving customers scratching their heads.

From experience, most of our clients prefer to deal with growing their organization or business than dealing with server issues. As an agency, we demand responsiveness from our technology partners; we recognise the need for a site to stay up and active.

Below is a list of the areas we focus on when choosing a hosting service for the websites we build.


Wp-engine client

Item Description
Price Reasonably and competitively priced service.
Focus Has a dedicated team focused on serving WordPress websites.
Security Provider has a strong focus on security and provides continuous updates.
Speed Server host constantly upgrade their servers for speed and performance.
Dedicated hosting Offers dedicated hosting if the need were to arise.
24-hour support Available to help 24 hours a day to help solve technical problems.


Let’s take a quick look at the many things that WP Engine does get right:

  1. Round the clock support from dedicated WordPress experts
  2. Solid security measures to keep your site safe
  3. Optimized servers to decrease loading times
  4. Detailed site performance reports available to customers
  5. Daily site backups

Wp-engine uses both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform which pretty much guarantee 100% up-time. In fact, their servers are configured specifically to run WordPress websites, and in turn their customer service team is super knowledgeable about WordPress sites.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits compared to a few other well known hosting companies.

Feature WP-Engine Bluehost Flywheel Godaddy Shared
100% WordPress Focused x
WordPress Installer x x x x
WordPress Updates x x x
Custom Hosting Dashboard x x x
Automatic Backups x x x
Staging Sites x x x
Server-Level Caching x x
Free CDN x
Free SSL x x
Technical Support 24/7 chat and ticket support 24/7 phone support

*paid plans

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A few quick comments that often crop up in the conversations around hosting.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google Cloud are often just too complicated and require developer setup for clients who have under 25,000 visitors per month, so we’re not discussing these options.

If you are hosting an ecommerce site within your WordPress site we’d recommend hosting the Ecommerce site outside of WP-engine and using Shopify – an easy to use managed ecommerce platform.

As always, please feel free to message us with any questions

Michael Yuasa
Founder and Creative Director, Antarctic