Xipsy Archival Art Database

Franklin Boyd, a celebrated fine art attorney and champion for artist rights, approached Antarctic to strategize, engineer and build her startup called XIPSY. XIPSY would function both as an archival art holder database where users could search and understand who owns which pieces of work but also as a artist resale rights platform where artists could attach resale rights to their physical artwork. Franklin and her legal team primarily focus on artist resale rights and ensuring artists understand what these rights mean.


Web Design, Web Development, Back-end Dev, Creative Direction

Our Approach

To first build anything we needed to fully understand what the goal of the platform was, we spent several weeks formally breaking out the strategy and user experience approach that would work best. Next, we were tasked with creating the visual identity for XIPSY and worked with art director Chloe Maes. Alongside the visual identity we began the full application build first deciding on an engineering approach then wireframes and then the actual build.

The Results

After 6 months of building the application launched at Art Basel Miami in December of 2015.

Modo Yoga