Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

The 265 Ronald McDonald House Charities within the United States were mandated to update their house websites to become ADA accessible by Mcdonald’s corporate. The American Disabilities Act recently created website standards for people with disabilities, these standards included font size and type, color palettes which can be viewed by an audience with color blindness and sound and page behavior recommendations that are more accessible to an ADA audience.

Our Approach

The majority of United States Ronald Mcdonald digital ecosystem was built using Salesforce, with each house having a satellite site within the Salesforce system, the remaining houses used Wordpress for their websites. Our approach was to first make updates to the global Ronald Mcdonald House website then use the code base created to implement at the local level for the individual houses within the Salesforce Network. The most challenging part of the project was problem solving to integrate style changes behind the Salesforce firewall. The Wordpress sites were provided new ADA compliant templates which their local chapter webmasters could implement.

The Results

New global Ronald Mcdonald Website design that made 256 House chapters ADA Compliant. We also lead the teams through 6 one hour training sessions to familiarize them with the new site.


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