vitaminwater Social Club

Antarctic created the vitaminwater social club, transforming a traditional brand activation event into an audience-led movement of advocates. The vitaminwater social club ran for 30 days in total with 55 events in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, ignited by third-party involvement from world renowned .org’s such as, top-tier media hubs, and high-profile bands including Macklemore.

The Challenge

vitaminwater wanted to go back to their roots and reconnect with their original demographic of trendsetters and influencers. The brand had become lost in grocery store aisles and began to depend on buy one get one free coupons as opposed to actually connecting with their community. We needed to find a way to creating a real connection with the community of Seattle.

Our Approach

We proposed a radical idea of creating a pop-up venue, 100% free for the Seattle community and connecting each event to a cause based organization in the area. Each weekday started with a fitness or yoga class with each evening ending a in party or event. We choose a prime location, dead smack in the middle of the Capitol Hill Block Party, a 3 day sold out event with over 20,000 people in attendance, and timed it’s culmination of the vitaminwater social club to coincide with the sold out Capitol Hill Block Party.

The vitaminwater Social Club went to live on as the vitaminwater Uncapped Live nationwide campaign for vitaminwater. Uncapped live partnered with Fader to become the longest and most successful activation in the brand's history.
“Antarctic made us relevant again and we helped the community along the way.” - Ben Garnero Regional Manager - vitaminwater.

The Product

The final product included a 2500 square foot space, custom designed, installed and built with interactive technology to entertain guest. 55 programmed events with 30 different partners in 30 days.


Production, Strategy, and Spatial Design

The Result

Modo Yoga