Nonprofit New York Name Change and Rebrand

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC) was a nonprofit membership organization with nearly 1,700 members. The organization understood that they needed to refresh their brand, make it more accessible and fully communicate the full scope and depth of their work. Antarctic, working in partnership with sister agency Leading Good, developed a full new brand identity, including renaming, messaging architecture, and visual identity. The new name of the organization, Nonprofit New York, kept continuity with the legacy brand, while adding compelling messaging through its tagline “A Relentless, Collective Force for Good.” And the new brand comes to life through a bold, inspiring visual identity.


Brand Development, Messaging, Tagline Naming, Visual Identity, Launch Strategy

Our Approach

First and foremost we recognized the need to include the 27 member board of directors as well as staff and donors in our work. We established a rebrand taskforce within Nonprofit New York who was empowered to make critical branding decisions and provide feedback within the process. Our key to the successful rebrand from a creative standpoint was to ensure all messaging and design spoke to the increased impact members were able to make because of their memebership.

The Result

Fully rebranded organization

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