Compassion International Digital Fundraising Platform

Compassion International is one of the leading non-profit charity organizations. The mission of compassion is to end child poverty through sponsorship. They function in 26 countries including Mexico, Kenya and Haiti. Despite their massive success, Compassion International was looking for a way to expand their audience even further.

The Challenge

Compassion came to Antarctic and N/A, seeking a way to expand their advocate base in an ever increasing digital world. There was a need to change how the existing advocate base engaged with the organization, and inspire new donors.

Our Approach

This challenge presented the opportunity to mobilize Compassion's existing constituency, involve younger donors, and create an easy entry point for raising funds. We created a platform that allows advocates to sponsor children by getting together and sharing stories. A peer-to-peer fundraising model enables a "pay what you want" approach that is ideal for a younger, more casual advocate who doesn't have the means to commit to an expensive subscription model.

New fundraising tools easily allow advocates to act on behalf of Compassion. The range is wide, anything from a 5k marathon to a community concert can now be organized in the name of a child or community in need. These initiatives amplify donor's voices through large scale involvement.

The Product

We worked alongside Compassion's technology team to integrate their existing codebase with new one to create a product that supported our strategic vision. By using modern design principles and cutting edge UX, a persuasive and accessible experience was implemented. This ultimately created new tools for donors to expand the scope of their donation to include their communities.


UI/UX, Content Production, Digital Strategy, and Narrative Construction

The Result

Modo Yoga