How to Build an Social Media Influencer Program for your Nonprofit

  • August 10, 2022
  • 5 min read
  • By Michael Yuasa, Founder & CEO

Building an influencer program for your nonprofit might be as easy as sending out a plate of cookies! This is what Emmett Findley, the Marketing Director of God’s Love We Deliver did as part of their annual year-end giving campaign. God’s Love we Deliver is a New York-based nonprofit focused on alleviating hunger and malnutrition for those suffering from illness. Findley cleverly asked the nonprofit’s supporters to decorate a plate of cookies to be sent to those in need and promote it on their social channels.

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To keep things simple, we recommend that nonprofits build influencer marketing into their yearly campaigns in the same way they would add public relations outreach or digital ads. We like to advocate that nonprofits design their influencer campaigns by pairing the organization’s mission with a dash of whimsy to allow influencer posting to create excitement and buzz while focusing on what the nonprofit does best. For example, God’s Love sends sugar cookies and cookie-decorating kits to influencers during their year-end holiday campaign and uniced cakes and cake-decorating kits for their clients’ birthday fundraiser campaigns.

Oftentimes the building of a digital influencer program can seem overwhelming, but the truth is a lot of nonprofits are already running influencer marketing, especially if they are actively fundraising or hosting regular social events, like galas.

Remember, your organization's influencers will likely be some of your most visible and vocal advocates. These relationships should be handled with care. The days of relegating influencer marketing to inexperienced interns are over. Forbes foresees brands spending upwards of $15 billion on influencer marketing by the end of 2022, an indication that this burgeoning form of marketing is here to stay.

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Wondering if all this influencer marketing will pay off? Today, we can provide each of your influencers with a personalized UTM link to track traffic to their social, fundraising or link click results. (

From our experience, directly tracking how much money influencers raise can be a touch involved however can be great for reporting later. We’ve seen that the main benefit of working with influencers is increasing brand awareness and donor retention.

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