5 Nonprofit Website Design Firms We Are Inspired By

  • June 06, 2024
  • 11 min read
  • By Michael Yuasa, Creative Director and Founder

At Antarctic, we understand that your nonprofit’s website is the frontline of your organization’s digital marketing strategy.

It’s the hub where you direct your supporters from email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and other outreach channels. By crafting a compelling and user-friendly website, you enhance engagement, capturing the attention of your supporters and retaining them over the long term.

Many nonprofits choose to partner with website design agencies like Antarctic to maximize their online impact. If you’re seeking the best nonprofit website design firm to create or rejuvenate your site, select a team with nonprofit sector experience, collaborative skills, and a dedication to creating a website that reflects your unique vision.

We’ve been inspired by the work of many web designers and recognize the importance of selecting the right partner for your nonprofit. Here, we’ll explore some impactful designers and highlight what makes their work so effective for nonprofit organizations.

1. Antarctic: Design for Nonprofit Success

At Antarctic, our design team specializes in creating websites tailored for nonprofits. We excel at driving engagement and providing the tools your organization needs to capture your audience’s attention.

Our creative process involves close collaboration with your team to ensure your website aligns with your mission and audience.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  1. Discovery: Our designers work with your organization to understand your goals, needs, and future vision.
  2. Concept Development: We create several concept directions for the site, ensuring each design is unique and relevant.
  3. Internal Feedback and Peer Review: Our team reviews initial concepts, incorporating feedback to refine the strongest ideas.
  4. Client Feedback: We value your insights and ensure the final design meets all your needs.
  5. Production: We bring creative ideas to life, delivering a functional, accessible website that serves your nonprofit for years.

This thorough process ensures we meet and exceed audience expectations, developing a brand and website that reflects your mission and maximizes your online presence.

Antarctic Web Design Projects That Inspire Us

CRE Mockup 3

Community Resource Exchange

We rebranded Community Resource Exchange (CRE), a nonprofit management consulting firm, with a fresh visual identity and focused messaging. The project included a new logo, color palette, fonts, and a comprehensive messaging framework highlighting their mission. Additionally, we developed a redesigned website to enhance their online presence. Using a collaborative approach, we aligned stakeholders and refined branding, resulting in a bold yet warm visual identity that positions CRE as a leader in capacity building for smaller nonprofits.

NYSCI Mockup

New York Hall of Science

We redesigned the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) website, transforming it into a digital hub that brings interactive STEM exhibits to life and offers a plethora of at-home science resources. Our work included web strategy, UX design, web development, messaging, CRM integration, and database organization. We organized extensive archives and streamlined navigation to make the site user-friendly. The final product features a refreshed visual design and a simplified user experience, making it engaging and accessible across various devices, and enhancing NYSCI’s role as a unique science destination.

Sealaska Mockup

Sealaska - Woocheen

The newly launched Woocheen website, inspired by the rich heritage of its 23,000 Alaska Native shareholders, reflects their deep connection with the land and ocean over 10,000 years. Our design prioritizes messaging to effectively communicate Woocheen's diverse endeavors, aiming to attract potential corporate sponsors while honoring the community's cultural roots.

2. Ideo

IDEO, one of the world's leading design agencies promoting social good, boasts a diverse team of designers, engineers, researchers, and scientists who create innovative solutions both online and offline to empower clients in making a better world. Inspired by IDEO's human-centered design philosophy, the Antarctic team prioritizes audience needs and crafts processes that effectively communicate mission-driven messages.

Nonprofit Web Design Project That Inspires Us

Ideo Mockup

Moneythink’s DecidED

Moneythink’s DecidED app helps low-income students make informed financial decisions about college by providing clarity on confusing financial aid awards, thereby preventing unsustainable debt. Developed with IDEO.org, the app enables students to upload award letters and compare college affordability using an intuitive interface with color-coded markers. The app builds trust through empathetic, straightforward communication, helping students feel confident in their choices. Launching in October 2020, DecidED will be integrated by organizations like ScholarMatch and Richmond Promise, supporting over 1500 students in its initial phase.

3. Wide Eye

Wide Eye, headquartered in Maryland, specializes in crafting visually striking websites for clients in political advocacy and democracy sectors. Their approach revolves around infusing activism with credibility through innovative design and technology. What draws our admiration to this firm is their expertise in producing bold, attention-grabbing content tailored for advocacy, setting them apart in the realm of nonprofit website design.

Nonprofit Web Design Project That Inspires Us

Wide Eye Mockup

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Directory

To address healthcare stigma faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, GLMA and the Tegan and Sara Foundation partnered with Wide Eye to create the LGBTQ+ Healthcare Directory. Wide Eye's design prioritized emotional resonance and practical connectivity, incorporating community feedback at key stages. The visual branding emphasized positive interactions and connections, while the user experience focused on comfort, speed, and ease of use. Inclusive language and storytelling elements were used to foster a sense of connection and community, ensuring the directory felt safe, authentic, and welcoming for both providers and patients.

4. Teal

Teal is a design-centric agency with a conscious approach, specializing in serving nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. Led by women and fueled by a 15-year legacy, Teal's standout feature lies in their ability to blend creativity with purpose. Their design philosophy puts emphasis on crafting visually compelling solutions that resonate with audiences while staying true to the values and missions of their clients.

Nonprofit Web Design Project That Inspires Us

Collage pages 2 1500x900

Brookings Institution

The Brookings Institution, a leading think tank with over 300 global experts, needed a website redesign to better reflect its prestigious brand. Teal created a site with an intuitive user interface that simplifies navigation and enhances content management. Key features include a user-centered main navigation, a unified taxonomy for easier content discovery, and an integrated marketing strategy to engage visitors. A comprehensive digital marketing campaign was also launched to promote the site, boosting Brookings' brand visibility across social media, email, paid advertising, and SEO.

5. Purpose

Purpose collaborates with organizations on global issues, creating messaging and design tools that unify and amplify social good efforts. Their work with BreaththeLife campaign demonstrates their ability to create powerful, informative resources.

Nonprofit Web Design Project That Inspires Us

Purpose Mockup

Everytown for Gun Safety

To address America's gun violence epidemic, Purpose partnered with Mayor Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns to create Everytown for Gun Safety. This involved developing the movement strategy, interactive launch campaigns, and technology tools. Within three months of its 2014 launch, Everytown gained nearly 1 million supporters. Purpose's branding approach emphasized nationwide unity and participation, earning accolades for its impactful storytelling and design. The innovative, interactive launch video garnered over 2 million views within 48 hours, solidifying Everytown's presence and influence in the gun safety advocacy space.

Finishing Up

At Antarctic, we constantly draw inspiration from the innovative work being done in nonprofit web design. This keeps us updated on industry trends and helps us deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

If you or your organization is looking for help redesigning your next website, please feel free to reach out!

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